Autosomal DNA

Chromosomes 1 to 22 form the set of autosomal chromosomes. Millions of base pairs are described and the result is compared with that obtained by other people tested for the same places on the chromosome (loci). The existence of shared segments make it possible to establish relatedness even in the absence of any genealogical documentation. The degree of relatedness between matching persons can be inferred from the length and frequency of shared segments. This is particularly useful for guiding documentary research, providing even partial support to ancestry, or for guiding a person who has lost his or her origins or was adopted.

Autosomal DNA is also used to study our admixtures. Ancestral markers (AIMs) are used for this purpose. These markers have been correlated with populations whose biogeographic or ethnic origins are known. Thus it is possible to know in percentages the composition of our autosomal DNA belonging to this or that other region of the world or to such an origin, such as Amerindian.

The tests that can be used to reveal segment sharing and ancestral admixtures are the

  • FTDNA Family Finder test
  • 23andMe test
  • Ancestry-DNA Test
  • I can order any of these tests for you, explain the results and provide an interpretation.