Available services

As a proxy, I will be able to:

  • Order DNA tests for you, anonymously or not;
  • Preserve your identity and make sure you remain anonymous;
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of transactions, as well as results;
  • Read the results online for you;
  • Communicate you these results in an understandable way;
  • Interpret these results as needed for you;
  • In the case of a Y chromosome signature, find the last name your line of men would probably have had;
  • Provide DNA and genealogy expertise and follow-up advice as appropriate; </ li>
  • Establish contacts with others whose DNA and genealogy match yours, without revealing your identity;
  • Ensure your online presence by a personal page under an alias and receive the messages that are addressed to you and communicate you the contents;
  • Ensure over the years a follow-up at the level of DNA and genealogy, as well as at the genealogical level;
  • Determine the degree of relatedness between you and a family member;
  • Validate a lineage part of your genealogical tree;
  • Triangulate the yDNA or mtDNA signature of your matrilineal or patrilineal ancestor;
  • Set the likely migratory trajectory of your paternal or maternal lineage;
  • Serve as an intermediary for the purchase of US tests not available in France or elsewhere;

I have the skills to advise you in the choice of tests according to your objectives, as well as to read and interpret the results of the following DNA tests:

  • Tests of recent or ancestral family genealogy, mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome DNA, autosomal DNA, X chromosome DNA;
  • CODIS type tests for paternity, maternity, fraternity test;
  • Interpret genetic tests for traits such as eye color, hair color, skin color and various susceptibilities or conditions.