Here is my professional pricing according to the various services chosen:

Proxy service, full and anonymous support: $ 500. can

This service includes the following services:

The choice of test (s) according to your objectives;
The ordering of the tests.

NOTE: The cost of the tests is not included in this price.
The tests must be prepaid separately;

Transmission in writing, by mail, e-mail or fax of the results;
Their interpretation in writing in a report;
The opening of a personal online page with genealogical data on the line of fathers or mothers (according to the tests) and according to their availability;
The anonymity of the person tested and the confidentiality of the results, as long as necessary;
The search for matching signatures and the establishment of contacts with possible cousins;
One-year follow-up on (a) discovery of new SNPs that can indicate progress in taxonomic classification and (b) search for matches with cousins.
An annual extension of services is possible: $ 50 per year.

To agree terms and costs, please contact me directly at