Publishing your autosomal data to other organizations increases the chances of finding matches.
For instance, 23andMe and Ancestry-DNA data can be uploaded to GEDMatch / Genesis, DNA.LAND, myHeritage, and to other databases.
DNA-mt and DNA-y data can be transferred from or Family Tree DNA to

I can transfer your raw data from one test company to another or to a third party organization and produce a summary report of the results.
The report will include the new kit number, the list of matches (matches) if any, and admixtures (so called *ethnical origins*) when the company produces them.

The cost is $ 10 CAD (7 Euros, 8 $ USD) for each transfer.
This includes downloading your data from your personal page, eg. Ancestry-DNA, followed by the uploading of your data to GEDMatch or other database.
At Genesis the transfer is made in the DNA-proxy account.
If you want these data to be stored in a personal page accessible via your login settings, please add $ 10.

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