Types of covered DNA

I am able to guide you in the examination of the three types of DNA used for the genealogy and to better know your distant roots, as well as the DNA revealing your character traits or your health sensitivities.

The tests I’m familiar with are:

  • Mitochondrial DNA testing of hypervariable and encoding regions; mutations thus found allow, in the light of the current DNA-mt classification of www.PhyloTree.org , to classify this mtDNA in a haplogroup suitable
  • Tests characterizing the microsatellites of the Y chromosome DNA and generating a signature on 12 to 111 STR markers;
  • Tests to determine the state polymorphism (SNP) of Y chromosome DNA and to determine the haplogroup of this DNA using a current Y-DNA classification;
  • Tests examining DNA from autosomal (1 to 22) and X chromosome, including Family Finder (FTDNA and re-sellers), Geno2, 23andMe test, Ancestry-DNA test.
  • Biparental tests (filiation) and various variants of the CODIS identification test.