Welcome to the ADNproxy site.

Knowing your DNA in relation to your genealogy or your health conditions is certainly of interest to you.

However, several obstacles have hitherto prevented you:

  • You may not have the skills to browse the internet or order online;
  • You may be concerned for your safety by using an online credit card;
  • You may not want your results linked to you personally in public DNA databases;
  • You want your DNA test results and genealogy to remain private and anonymous to other genealogists;
  • You find the field of complicated DNA testing and want someone competent to simply explain your results, guide you through your discoveries and answer your questions and help you understand them.  A proxy is a neutral intermediary that replaces you in a specific role. Thus, in the case of DNA tests, the proxy can serve as an intermediary for ordering tests, will take knowledge of your results, you will communicate them privately and interpret them in an understandable way. I offer my services as a proxy for the study of your DNA.Several modalities are possible. It’s up to you to choose what’s right for you.So, as a proxy, I will be able to:
  • order DNA tests for you, anonymously or not;
  • preserve your identity and ensure that you remain anonymous;
  • ensure the security and confidentiality of transactions, as well as results;
  • read the results online for you;
  • communicate these results in an understandable way;
  • interpret these results as needed for you;
  • provide DNA and genealogy expertise and follow-up advice as appropriate;
  • establish contact with others whose DNA and genealogy match yours, without revealing your complete identity;
  • ensure your online presence by a personal page under an alias and receive the messages addressed to you to communicate the contents;
  • ensure over the years a follow-up at the level of DNA and genealogy, as well as genealogical level;
  • transfer of raw data from one database to another (here)

I have the skills to advise you in the choice of tests according to your objectives, to read and interpret the results of the following DNA tests:

  • recent or ancestral family genealogy, mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome DNA, autosomal DNA, X chromosome DNA;
  • tests of family kinship, paternity, maternity, fraternity, close relationship;
  • trait tests (e.g., eye color, hair, skin color and various sensitivities), as well as tests that may reveal health conditions.